Who we are

The KYC Foundation came into being as a direct outcome of various deliberations at the Cocoa Sector Validation Strategy (CSVD) II meetings held in March 2019 in Accra.

Following these meetings, the primary founder became unequivocally aware of the need for a serious shift from Ghana just producing cocoa beans for export to an agenda of intentional and purposeful value addition which would then drive increased consumption. (It is worth nothing that according to consumption statistics available, Ghana’s per capita consumption is 0.52kg as against 8kg in some western countries).

KYCF emerged out of the need to connect the cocoa farmer and the consumer with an inexhaustible range of hitherto untapped options for uses of cocoa in various value-added forms beyond the already known uses of mass chocolate and cocoa powder.

KYCF recognises that how this urgent value addition and consumption agenda is implemented on a sustainable, inclusive basis is crucial.

To be able to achieve this successfully, KYCF has outlined its main objectives as follows:

1.To promote knowledge and forums of learning about cocoa for everyone including the farmer and beyond.

2. To run mentoring programs/workshops for budding cocoa entrepreneurs beyond cocoa farming.

3. To encourage and drive value addition in cocoa through seminars, exhibitions and training and development events.

4. To showcase innovations in the cocoa industry in Ghana through exhibitions, conferences and networking events.

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